Compensation Plan

Prices and Compensation Plan

Step 1

Understand the benefits of Kenko Mizu and the financial opportunity.

Step 2

Subscribe as a Member.
1 Payment


Financing options (score approved)
Monthly Payment $267 $139 $97 $76 $63 $55 $49
# of Payments 12 24 36 48 60 72 84
Total $3,204 $3,346 $3,493 $3,643 $3,796 $3,955 $4,116

Step 3

Receive your system at home, install and start enjoying your water.

Step 4

  • Share information with family and friends form your personal Kenko Mizu site.
  • Teach others about the Deoxidized Hydrogen Therapy benefits.
  • Use your ORP meter to show everybody how incredibly antioxidant your water is.

Step 5

Let your friends and family register in your site or do it for them.
Remember that your name has to appear in the “who referred you” box.

Referral Fees

  • As a member receive $600 for each new member referred by you and registered through your site.
    This commission is paid monthly.
  • Become a Kenko Mizu Consultant and receive $300 for each new member referred by your referrals. This commission is paid on a monthly basis once you have personally referred 5 new members. Register 1 new member at least every 6 months to keep active.
  • Become a Kenko Mizu Leader by helping 5 of your referrals to become a Kenko Mizu Consultant and receive $150 for each new member referred by their referrals.


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Compensation Plan


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